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thinking about how funny it would be if taylor kinney took one of those relationship surveys on tumblr like

when was your last kiss and what was it like? she had on false teeth

what do you and your significant other do for fun? sometimes we take a private plane to germany, other times we glue peacock feathers to each others faces

do you remember what they wore on your first date? scotch tape


Technically Thor wasn’t even part of the avengers initiative. He just showed up to the party.


2014 Recipe For A Good Marvel Film:

Take one hot guy named Chris and add a talking raccoon with a gun.


i think it would be neat if netflix doubled as a dating site like “here are 9 other singles in your area that watched supernatural for 12 straight hours”

There are two kinds of people



People who support their friends and want them to be happy even it means they get ‘friendzoned’


And people who burn down all of Paris


Don’t be a Frollo, you guys

We are unequivocally for women’s rights. It’s that simple. We believe every woman should have access to safe, affordable health care, and when that right is threatened, we’re not afraid to tackle those threats head-on.

Shout out to Cosmopolitan (yes, that Cosmopolitan) for its new direction: taking on the fight for reproductive health and rights!

Why Cosmo Is Getting Serious About Its Reproductive Rights Coverage

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when ppl talk about the raccoon with a machine gun in the upcoming marvel film, they could be talking about this guy


or this guy


you can never be sure

#who wore it better 2k14 (via @krusca)


can’t wait till all my friends get married and have nice weddings with open bars