My talents and special skills include but are not limited to: Not wearing shoes-Riding the Chicago CTA drunk/ dressed like a hooker- Going to Lady Gaga concerts- Getting really random injuries- Forgetting to roll up my car windows- Ignoring Adult responsibilities- Wasting time on the Internet- Buying disposable Cell phones- Mentally flipping people off- Eating popcorn- Drinking Owl Wine- Using the word FUCK as creatively and as often as possible- Forgetting how to use Photoshop- Having the weakest selfie game on the planet- Pretending to be a Princess- Mentally Dating Benedict Cumberbatch


Lady Gaga

Holy Trinity of Youtube



Game Of Thrones



Cute Shit

Funny shit

True Fucking shit


New #owl light switch covers! Thank you #micheals #owls #homeimprovement

New #owl light switch covers! Thank you #micheals #owls #homeimprovement

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